Transnet 3v3 Street soccer Challenge

25/26th March 2017 Transnet Port

CLOSING DATE: Friday 24th March
Contact: Brendan 083 4466 079 or whats app 079-375-0166

Terms and Conditions

By the representative signature hereto, the signatory on behalf of the team, confirms that he/she
  • Is duly authorize to represent and sign for and on behalf of the team.
  • Authorises the teams’ entry into and participation in the Transnet football challenge.
  • Agrees that the team and the players are hereby deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the tournament rules and regulations which are available on request.
  • Acknowledge that the team and anyone or more or all the players may be banned from the tournament without refund should such banning be deemed necessary by the tournament organisers.
  • Acknowledge that any individual who's name does not appear as a player on the team entry form may not participate in the tournament.
  • If any team is found guilty of fielding an unregistered player, such team will be immediately suspended from the tournament and will forfeit their entry fee in full.
  • Agrees that the team and players entering the tournament accept that they do so at their own risk and will not hold the tournament organizers responsible for any injury, damage or loss of property arising out of attendance at the and participation in the tournament.
  • Agrees that the team and players hereby indemnifies and holds the tournament organizers and related parties harmless from any claims which the team and or its players may seek to enforce, notwithstanding the previous points above.
  • Team entry is only confirmed upon receipt of the full entry fee.
  • STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL WILL BE BROUGHT INTO THE VENUE. Organizers reserve the right to search bags and persons.

Tournament rules

  • Each team will consist out of a max of 7 players. During a match, each team will only have 3 infield players (NO GOAL KEEPERS) on the field of play with the remaining players as substitutes on the outside of the playing field.
  • Each team must be ready 5 minutes before kick-off.
  • Teams will concede a goal for every minute that they are late after kick off. If the team is still not available after 4 minutes, the game will be called off and the opponents awarded a 3-0 win.
  • Substitutes will be done on a rolling basis.
  • ON coming player/s may only enter the field upon the substituted player/s exiting the field of play. At no given point shall any team have more than 3 players on the field of play.
  • A match will be 7 minutes long one way for the group stages and 10 minutes for the semi-finals and finals.
  • If teams finish on the same level of points and goal difference after the group stages, the following hierarchy will be followed to determine qualification into the knockout stages. 1.) GF, 2.)GA, 3.) Head to Head.
  • If and when a match finishes with level score in the semi-finals and finals the match will go into a straight penalty shootout with each team nominating 2 kickers. If the score remain tied thereafter, it will go into sudden death. Penalty kicks are taken 10 yards from the goal with NO GOAL KEEPER.
  • Players are not allowed to slide tackle.
  • Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field of play.
  • Any player red carded will be requested to leave the field immediately and will also have to serve a one match suspension for the subsequent fixture. Teams that concede a red card will have to finish the match with a man short.
  • Players receiving a yellow card will have to leave the field for 4 minutes but can be replaced with a substitute.

Banking Details

Bank: NedBank

Account: 1093667818 (Thyme Out)

Branch Code: 19 87 65